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Scholarship Application Form for Westmoor High School

2013-11-25 14:47
Like last year, we would like the leaders of Westmoor High School to identify worthy recipients
of scholarships being awardedby Korean Central Presbyterian Church (KCPC).

The total amount to be awarded, contingent upon  approval of thefinalists by KCPC, will be $2000
divided among four recipients as follows:

a. Two $500 scholarships
awarded to two individuals among thegeneral student
body, and

b. Two $500 scholarships
awarded to two individuals among specialeducation

We ask that you identify scholarship recipients according to the following criteria, in order of

1. Demonstrated tenacity and perseverance in pursing their owneducation,
as evidenced by theirpast and potential future educational pursuits;

2. Demonstrated activeness in their local community, as evidencedby contributory
attitude and actionstoward the local community;

3. Demonstrated leadership in service.

This year, we would like to receive biographical information forms, a personal statement, and a
letter of recommendation from each of the recipients.

Please download attached scholarship application.
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